It’s a shame many organisations believe their middle management isn’t up to the task.

To us, a manager conducting the sustainment of naval combat systems without the support of their executives – or the client warship –  is entirely unacceptable.

Like naval operations, sustaining naval combat systems is all about linking strategy with delivery, and facilitating that delivery.

Effective middle management makes complex sustainment seem easy, and set the conditions for success.

Middle management bind senior executives to the frontline, and achieve KPIs through an effectively and efficiently sustained warship.

Successful naval sustainment rests upon a clear requirement; and clear direction, delegations, accountability, authority, resources and trust. Many organisations lack one, some or all of these factors.

Beadwindow gets ‘traction through action’ by establishing what’s needed and resourcing the outcome properly; quickly, and with common sense.

To get warships back to sea fast.

Where others stroke chins over strategy, we actually implement.

We ‘do’.

beadwindow will help you

  • Understand your strategic context and prepare your organisation for change and improvement
  • Review, or draft, senior executive and organisational documents – for middle management use – to confirm sustainment requirements, directives, authorities, accountabilities, expectations, and appropriate risk appetite
  • Implement behavioural and cultural change throughout the organisation using delegations and workshops developed to give middle managers the authority they need
  • Coach your senior executives, middle managers and supervisors in effective leadership and management practice
  • Understand the warfighting impact of naval combat system engineering decisions
  • Identify the need for, and provide, sustainment resources; especially skilled and experienced sustainment managers, technicians and tradespeople
  • Provide capability sustainment project and program services – either as part of your team, or as independent advisors

applied naval sustainment

  Examples of Beadwindow’s applied management and sustainment capabilities include
  • Deployment and debriefing of profiling leadership, management and organizational workplace cultural tools
  • (Re-)development and delivery of naval sustainment enterprise-level agreements
  • Trouble-shooting and rectifying warship combat management system performance
  • Publishing an award-winning new framework tfor effective Millennial leadership
  • Design, development and implementation of an operational risk-based decision-making framework for military logistics
  • Management of warship electronic warfare equipment projects, from project development to close-out

Make Change

Any management consultancy can ‘do’ strategy,
but only Beadwindow helps you realise better business outcomes by ‘doing’ what’s needed to help your middle managers achieve.

Their success ensures a warship’s maximum materiel readiness to fight, and win, at sea.

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2011-13 – Facilitation of 1-3 day workshops across Australia for a Defence agency’s leadership and cultural change program, including debriefing participants in their 360-degree leadership behaviour profiles.


2012 – Designed, developed and facilitated a graduate program management workshop for an international FMCG’s graduate program, with 35 attending from seven nations, and many speaking English as a second language.  


2012 – Designed, developed and facilitated a senior executive workshop concentrating on management communication and operational planning within a government utility business.  

2012-13 – Assisted the design and development of a significant naval sustainment agreement between two governent enterprises worth more than A$1.6billion resulting in highly improved capability delivery and customer/supplier behaviours.


2015-2016 – Developed and implemented an operational decision-making framework designed for Australian Defence executive and senior executive staff responsible for a A$600million supply chain.