The naval warfighter has little time for mediocrity or political expedience; it’s not in their DNA. They are professionally ruthless and cunning, borne of training and experience, and deadly serious about their responsibilities.

When new combat systems procurements, or naval shipbuilding programs, are thrust upon them without their design input, they get justifiably bitter.

The wealth of knowledge a warfighter can bring to any naval capability development, acquisition, and sustainment program simply cannot be under-estimated.

No-one is sharper or more aware of their circumstances than the warfighter.

Where we step in

Our experience allows us to confidently represent the seagoing warfighter, without interference from rank, process or politics.

System engineering processes will get you part the way towards success. Only the warfighter can reconcile technological understanding with deep knowledge of how the new acquisition will, could, or should, be used. Where approximately 80% of total costs are committed in the Concept and Design phases of development, Beadwindow will help you:

  • Understand the naval customer’s need, particularly the intended tactical and operational end-uses of the materiel system
  • Prepare system capability studies to accurately frame the project
  • ‘Red Team’ (test) your team’s assumptions and assertions when conducting risk reduction and design studies
  • Assist drafting and reviewing of combat system-related material specifications
  • Review relevant documentation; with an emphasis on formatting to aid naval customer reading, identifying and removing blind-spots and blunders, and promoting hidden strengths
  • Discover and determine linkages with other fundamental inputs to the capability, helping you and your naval customer prepare for the Test and Operations phases
  • Plan the naval customer’s transition from existing to future combat systems without loss of current capabilities

Our Expertise

Examples of Beadwindow’s naval operations expertise include
  • Development of the capability need for a regulated maritime traffic system
  • Design and facilitation of training to maritime systems integrators
  • Determination of future needs for a unique naval capability
  • Modelling a quantifiable approach to anti-submarine warfare
  • Provision of warfare domain expertise to a naval system development
  • Business case preparation to acquire a tactical electronic warfare capability
  • Business case preparation to commercialise a significant maritime logistics capability
  • Determination of material sustainment requirements for a fleet of warships
  • Business case preparation introducing a naval training ship into service through commercial means

Only Beadwindow can bring you independent advice forged out of real-world naval combat and peacetime operations experience, a healthy understanding of the laws of physics and knowledge of Defence capability development.

Only Beadwindow can represent the seagoing warfighter, without the usual interference, and if as our own lives depended on it.

Improve your naval capabilities

New equipment and roles brings new challenges

Beadwindow is ready to assist you in growing your naval capabilities and helping your warfighters adapt to their changing roles

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2011 – Beadwindow identified a capability need for, and created top-level requirements for, a regulated maritime traffic system preventing mutual interference between submerged and surface-based vessels.

2012-13 – Beadwindow identified enduring operational availability requirements for fleets of naval vessels and their supporting systems as part of a major materiel sustainment reform program worth more than AUD1.6billion annually.

2014-15 – Beadwindow conducted a three month study into an existing naval capability, and provided initial capability needs advice to a major materiel acquisition program within the Australian Department of Defence.

2016 – Beadwindow provided warfare domain expertise to a warship system development.

2016-2017 – Beadwindow provided naval operations and sustainment expertise to aid the pursuit of new business introducing into service, and supporting, a naval training ship.