We’ve been on the receiving end of shoddy, inadequate or simply lazy combat equipment, software and system training packages.

Take it from us: when someone’s aiming a weapon system at you, all you can do is curse and hope the training you received, and the drills you’ve practiced, were right.

Far too often the training package – indeed the learning and development strategy – for any combat system equipment is an after-thought.

After spare parts, training can be one of the most expensive items in Defence procurement. Politics gets in the way, so it’s often cut from the business case with a (very) loose plan to catch-it-up later – when it’s someone else’s problem and their bucket o’ money.

It’s borderline negligent.

Once the system begins its operational phase, the cost-saving measure rears its ugly head, with urgent and costly action needed to get combat sailors familiar, competent and confident with their new equipment.

The full capability of your product is realised only if the warfighters have appropriate and comprehensive training letting them use it properly.


A robust and fit-for-purpose learning and development outcome takes patience and investment. Expedient short-cuts are a false economy. Beadwindow thoroughly assesses the requirement, including the unique culture of the customer, to ensure design and development satisfies the need. Bespoke course development, founded in technical knowledge, is approached using a systems engineering-based method, providing rigour to the finished product. Beadwindow will help you:

  • Identify the appropriate warfighting knowledge, skills and attitude to use new or upgraded systems
  • Develop course materials and assure their validation against the Specification, then facilitate course delivery
  • Conduct a feasibility analysis to determine the best approach for delivering the required training
  • Evaluate training effectiveness to verify or modify the Specification
  • Draft, or review, your Training Requirement Specification prior to your approach to market or directing your in-house instructional designers

Our Training Expertise

Beadwindow has the right knowledge and experience to create and deliver training for:

  • Defence Industry customer familiarisation
  • Understanding naval combat system fundamentals
  • Understanding the operational impacts of naval combat system engineering decisions
  • Naval combat system equipment application and conversion

Anyone can analyse, design, develop, deliver and evaluate training.

Only we do it as if our own lives depend upon it.

Only Beadwindow can bring you a complete combat system learning and development package from a position of hands-on experience gained ashore, and at sea.

For us, getting naval combat system training right is personal. People will die without it. If you’re responsible for this training, don’t be cheap.

Don’t let future blood, or someone’s anguish, be on your hands.

Make Change

Your warfighters need the best training,

and with Beadwindow you can be assured that suiteable training requirements will be identified and met

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2013-16 – Beadwindow designed, developed and delivered three technically-based operations courses, as part of an eight course program, for a southeast Asian Prime System Integrator providing the combat system for a US$2.8b naval shipbuilding project.

Classroom training is integrated with sessions conducted in full bridge and mission system simulators to demonstrate key concepts. Design and development was conducted remotely and full-time over 18 months, with continuing on-site delivery.