Beadwindow Pty Ltd is an independent Australian company with a professional background in naval operations, Defence capability development, learning and development, and naval sustainment.

There is no-one better placed to advocate the seagoing warfighter when it comes to setting the conditions for new or upgraded combat systems.

Beadwindow recognises naval imagination is constrained by budget-funded legacy thinking, and obstructed by politics and process.

This often leads to ‘more of the same’ when soliciting industry for new or upgraded naval combat systems. The Red Team always lose. Pursuing high-risk options are a fantasy, despite the potential pay-off. Everything is a trade-off.

Very rarely is the sea-going warfighting sailor or officer consulted.

We seek to create a vicious harmony for war at sea. We bring a healthy dose of realism, pragmatism and Pareto to what the warfighter needs.

We call-out the obstructions to progress, which can be uncomfortable and confronting for some; then resolve issues to get what is needed.

We exist to advocate the warfighter, assist the client, and win the war.

Beadwindow Core Service Areas

We concentrate on three core services when advocating the seagoing warfighter’s needs


Ensuring all parts of a business development, engineering or project team understand the context of a naval combat system project


Ensuring appropriate support is established ashore to back the warfighter using a new combat system at sea


Ensuring an appropriate learning and development strategy is implemented to maximise operator and maintainer use of a new combat system.


Our guiding principles are summarised as “Know the ‘Why’. Less ‘What’, more ‘So What’ and ‘Now What’. Less is more. Love Pareto. Commit. Deliver the undeliverable. Be defendable. Add value”


Know the ‘Why’

Understand and appreciate the motivation


Less ‘What’, more ‘So What’ and ‘Now What’

Critically evaluate and give insight.


Less is more

Be relevant. Communicate simply and clearly.


Love Pareto

Perfection slows down progress. Iterate when justified. Let common sense prevail. Work smarter. Improve outcomes. Reduce cost.



There’s always a better way. Back yourself. Know when to throw caution under a bus. Be frank and fearless when needed.


Define the problem correctly

More planning, less plan. Test, evaluate and adjust. Quick wins. Build confidence. Roll out. Go live. Do it. Prove success. Deliver what no-one else could.


Be defendable

Question everything. The plural of anecdote is not data. Unearth facts. Quantify evidence. Defend with intelligence. Humble, always.


Be valuable

Remain objective. Remain honest. Be worth more than the invoice.

Points of Difference

We recruit commercially-astute ex-Defence personnel having particular skills and experience in the deployment, use and sustainment of warship combat systems. Operational experience is drawn from service across Asia, the Asia-Pacific, the Indian Ocean and Middle East. Sea combat and peacetime activities across the full spectrum of naval operations are familiar to us.

Our team have many and varied vocational and university qualifications, including:

  • Naval information technologies
  • Weapons and ordnance engineering
  • Systems engineering
  • Hydrography and oceanography
  • Training and development
  • Commercial management
  • Project management, and
  • Law

Collectively we have been collected many forms of professional and industry recognition, including:

  • Royal Australian Navy’s Sword of Excellence and Sydney-Emden Prize
  • Australian Defence Force operational commendations
  • Anthill Australia’s Top 50 Cool Company, and Smart 100
  • Fellowships of the Australian Institute of Management, and Institute of Learning Professionals
  • Chartered Engineer

Combined with our myriad experience afloat and ashore, this gives an edge in helping you understand and succeed in:

  • C4I systems operations across the Detect-to-Engage sequence
  • Naval and joint operations planning and conduct
  • Defence maritime capability development documentation
  • Defence maritime system sustainment practice and project engineering
  • The systems-based approach to Defence learning and training system, and
  • Defence procurement, tendering and deal negotiation behaviours

But so what?

The bottom-line is this: Beadwindow is the only professional services provider dedicated to making combat easier for the naval warfighter.

Along with assertive ROE, all the warfighter wants is the highest P(k) at MFR, and a Mission Kill or Unit Kill.

You want to give them that.

We help you do it.

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